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SKU Optics provides serialized tracking of all your inventory to help you stay organized and sell more online

OPEN API FRAMEWORK For 30+ Integrations

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Supercharge Your E-Commerce Business to Buy and Sell more Online Today

Unlike other inventory platforms, SKU Optics was designed from the ground up to track serialized inventory for complete end-to-end management of all your products to provide comprehensive chain of custody traceability like never before. Simply put, it’s just a better way to track inventory, period.


Orders and Returns

One-click integrations with e-Commerce powerhouses like Shopify, Amazon, eBay and BackMarket, make it easier than ever to manage orders and process returns. Sell more online, period

  • Real-time Inventory Quantity Syncs cross channel so you never oversell again
  • Seamless store integrations for order imports
  • Serialized IMEI Fulfillment

Custom Inventory Fields & Settings

This is your inventory. Treat it the way you always have, not how a third party thinks you should. SKUoptics lets you set up the terms you already use in your business.

  • Grades – Use whatever grading system your team already knows. Break it down into a cosmetic and functional grading or just keep it simple with an overall grade. The choice is yours.
  • Conditions – Apply custom tags that make your business make sense. Set and forget.
  • SKUs & Product Variations – Bulk update one aspect of a product and the SKUs automatically get updated in the background. Magic in the making.

Mobile Pick & Pack

Your pickers will be sent into the warehouse armed with mobile tech that makes picking faster, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Barcode scanning cuts error rates by 99.9% and solves your fulfillment nightmare once and for all.

  • Simple and intuitive interface available via iOS or Android with multi-language support
  • Optimized and guided pick routes
  • Automated batch creation

Multiple Warehouses & Locations

Have multiple warehouses and inventory stored 4 dimensionally across location, aisles, shelves, and bins? SKUoptics stores the warehouse location of each inventory record down to the IMEI / Serial Level, with support for unlimited locations.

Financial Analytics & Reporting

Instantly see your gross revenue, COGS, Profit and margin across any vertical. Make better financial decisions with the data at your fingertips.

  • Inventory & Sales reporting
  • Operational & Shipment reporting
  • Picker/packer Efficiency reporting

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SKU Optics has allowed us to scale our e-commerce operation from one warehouse to multiple fulfillment and retail locations. As a result, we’ve grown revenue, reduced bloat, and improved efficiency across the board from one centralized system.Andreas Leptourgos, Founder – BuyBackWorld

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